Thursday, June 13, 2013

Monasteries in Ladakh- Reflecting the ageless faith

Monasteries in Ladakh are very popular among tourists. Holding their unique charm, the monasteries serve as the ideal place to go for meditation, exploring the ancient relics at museum or simply to enjoy a pilgrimage travel.

Hemis Monastery

Lying around 50 kms Southeast of Leh, Hemis monastery boasts of being among the largest Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh. This religious site treasures a collection of old status, holy thangkas and many artifacts. Tourists visiting the monastery can also visit the Hemis National Park that lies nearby. The monastery houses more than 200 branches and there are around 1,000 monks in the Himalayan region. It has gained access to passable roads. Travelling to Hemis monastery is a thrilling experience and the enclosing makes the journey a cherishable one. Its rich collection of old relics like the idol of Buddha made of copper, gold stupas and silver have made it counted among the wealthiest monasteries in India. It also treasures murals, thangkas and artifacts. Hemis festival of Ladakh attracts many travellers to visit the monastery.

Thiksey Monastery                                                                                                

Situated around 20 kms southeast of Leh, the Thiksey monastery boasts of its spectacular location enveloping one side of a hill. Its various buildings are organized in ascending order of significance. The Maitreya temple is the highlight of this sacred site. It was structured to commemorate visit of the 14th Dalai Lama in 1970 and took many years to complete. The monastery attracts huge crowd during the annual celebration of Thiksey festival. The Gompa in Ladakh also serves as a seat for head of the Gelug School in Ladakh. Gustor ritual, celebrated in the ninth month of Tibetan calendar is the highlight of Thiksey monastery.

Spituk Monastery

Located at the hilltop near Indus is the Spituk monastery, around 18 kms from Leh. It was founded in 11th century. Earlier, it belonged to the Kadampa School. Celebrated here is the annual Spituk festival that serves as the main attraction of the monastery which you can also witness by taking monasteries tour packages. An imposing image of Lord Buddha is the highlight of the monastery. It also houses a rich variety of thangkas, antique arms and ancient masks. An impressive image of Mahakaal adds more charm to the monastery.

Lamayuru Monastery

This famous monastery of Ladakh overlooks the valley and the small village of Lamayuru. The holy site lies around 125 kms west from Leh. Its spectacular location makes it counted among the must visit places on your tour to Ladakh. The annual event of Lamayuru Monastery is organized here every summer during June or July. Besides the Thangka paintings in the main hall of the monastery, there are man-made caves that beckon the tourists.

Visit the famous Monasteries in Ladakh to explore its ancient charm and unique appeal. Cave Monastery is a must visit place on your tour to Ladakh.

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