Monday, June 17, 2013

Delve into a Serene world with Ladakh Lakes

Ladakh, the land of snow is home to several beautiful lakes. These lakes have various forms many times in a day. Sometimes they display the emerald green colour while sometime they turn into midnight blue pool colour. These lakes in Ladakh enchant you to enjoy the tranquility by sitting at relaxing mood alongside the lake.

Let us have a look at some of the most famous lakes in Ladakh.

Pangong Tso Lake

It is among the most eye-catching lakes in Ladakh. The lake lies across the Changla Pass from Leh. At an elevation of almost 4,500 m, the Pangong Tso is around 8 km wide at its vast stretch. It works like a magnetism to attract tourists from far and wide. The lake is bisected by the international border between China and India. It boasts of being the highest brackish lake in Ladakh.

Tso Morari Lake

The lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. That is why it has been entitled with the largest of High Altitude Lakes (HAL) that falls within India. Located at an elevation of about 4500 m, the lake stretches around 30 km. The place offers a good opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty for honeymooners and couples. Along with the stark backdrop of hills and mountains the water seems here very calm and soothing. Fed by the two streams and springs, the lake also enjoys the presence of around 34 different species of birds. Though there is no vegetation in the deep side of it but you can spot a few signs of vegetation when the lakes become shallow.

Tso Kar

This is a salt water lake that lies off the Manali to Leh road. It is situated at a high altitude of around 4500 m. Inhabited by the Khampas, the Tso Kar is a popular lake in Ladakh. The abundance of wildlife is another appealing factor associated with the lake.

Known as the ‘Moon Lake’ in Spiti Valley is among the most fascinating lakes in Ladakh Himalayas. It is among the favourite lakes of tourists as well. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy a long and adventurous path over Rohtang Pass to view this wonderful vista of nature. The lake also boasts of offering the spectacular reflections of enveloping Himalayan peaks in its deep blue waters.

Lake Kyaghr

Located about 10 km to the north of the famous Tsomorari Lake in Ladakh, Kyaghr stretches about 3 km and is 1.5 km wide. It has brackish water and the lake serves as a stopping point for trekkers heading from the Kiangdum camping area to the Tsomorari Lake.

Ladakh Lakes enchant visitors with their appealing charm. Chandertal Lake in Ladakh offers you an opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of nature.

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