Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Zanskar Trekking Delights Adventure Enthusiasts

If you are an adventure lover, Ladakh is the destination for you. Zanskar is known as the best adventure destination in Jammu & Kashmir that you can visit with Ladakh trekking tour. Located at an elevation of about 4000 m above the sea level, Zanskar offers wonderful trekking opportunities to adventure lovers. Zanskar trek tourism has gained immense popularity among tourists. 

 This spectacular valley is dotted with small towns and ancient monasteries situated upon the high cliffs. Its snow-covered mountain peaks make it an ideal destination for adventure lovers. The place abounds in beauty and adventure on every step.

Zanskar area is known for the earliest Buddhist monasteries. Besides monasteries, the area is famous for its enchanting adventure sports. Adventure enthusiasts from far and wide embark on Zanskar adventure travel.

Starting from Darcha, the trek passes from Shingo La, located at an elevation of 5,100 m. It finally ends in the majestic Zanskar region. On the trekking routes, tourists can enjoy the beautiful views of the Buddhist monasteries in India that include Phutkal, Lingshet and Lamayuru. Zanskar trekking is very popular among adventure lovers. Tourists can enjoy short term as well as long term Zanskar trek depending on their choice and preferences.

Before going for Zanskar valley trekking, you need to have certain necessary things. These include woolen clothes, gloves, thick socks and mufflers to ease you to bear with the cool climate. Everyone is aware that Alps - the favorite place among adventure enthusiasts.

Zanskar continues to enjoy the title of a trekker’s paradise. The popular Ladakh treks encompass Padum to Darcha over the Shingo La (5,090m), and another one is Padum to Lamayuru over the Singge La (5,050m). From Padum to Markha Valley over the Cha Cha La (4,950m) and Rubrang La (5,020m) is the more remote one. The trek should be done after mid-August when the water level in the river recedes. Best season to enjoy trekking is at the end of June till mid-October.

Popular Places to See in Zanskar

On Zanskar trekking tours, you can view the mighty ranges of the Himalayas. As you move to the Pazila watershed on the road of Zanskar, you can first see the Stod Valley. It is one of the tributary valleys of the places. It offers you a stunning view of the Drang-Drung glacier, which is known to be the biggest in Ladakh. The rest of the sprawled area of Zanskar enables you to see the mountains and various deep gorges.

Zanskar Trekking beckons adventure lovers from all across the world. If you embark on Ladakh Travel, trekking is a must to try on.

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